Vaxxed, waxed and ready to spend: ‘Hot Vax Summer’ heats up businesses

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Hot Vax Summer heats up businesses
By Emily Davies (for the Washington Post, Posted with Permission)

Experts and friend groups alike are fawning over “Hot Vax Summer,” or what they expect to be a months-long party full of first dates, packed bars and other previously forbidden activities made possible by mass vaccinations. That anticipation has driven up contraception sales, sent liquor sales through the roof and flushed salons with cash as people clamor to be “vaxxed and waxed.” The result is an economic engine for some of the businesses most damaged by the coronavirus pandemic, which, after a year of isolation, are now flourishing thanks to the pent-up desire to date and mingle...

And in D.C., Russwin Francisco, who owns an adult novelty shop called Bite the Fruit in Dupont Circle, said he is planning to stock up on “couple toys” in preparation for a steamy summer.

During the pandemic, his online store benefited from burgeoning interest in solo sex toys. He expects the end of the pandemic in D.C. to draw foot traffic back into his store and generate excitement for products meant for couples.

“It’s Hot Vax Summer, so we fully anticipate that people will begin to relax a little bit more, give themselves more permission to explore relationships or be more fluid in their committed relationships,” he said. “Maybe they’ll visit a sex shop or two and pick up some toys to spice up their bedroom life.”


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