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Happy Masturbation Month

The pandemic has required people to give up a lot of things that made them happy. From eating out to shopping to movie-going and on and on. Yet, there is one thing that most have drawn the line at: sex. In fact, since quarantining and social distancing became the norm, there has been a coinciding increase in sales of sex toys, according to industry reports.

An anonymous survey by a U.S. company that sells sex toys reveals that 62% of respondents said that they already own sex toys and, of the ones who didn’t, 57% planned to purchase them during the quarantine. Of the folks who use sex toys, 62% relayed that they will use them more often.

Some of this can be chalked up to quarantine boredom. However, sexual activity, with or without a partner, not only helps pass the time but stimulates the release of hormones such as dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin, which are known to positively affect mood, relieve pain and stress, and boost the immune system.

More “self-love” and other sexual activity is occurring and people are trying to find ways to add more variety to each. The pandemic and social distancing can leave you feeling more stressed, isolated, lonely, and bored.

Staying at home can mess with your sleep-wake cycle. Furthermore, not having a work commute and other things that normally occupy your time could open up gaps in your schedule.

Thus, the uptick in sex toy sales. A company with franchised locations across North America and an online store, reported a 30% increase in online sales in March and April based on the same time period last year.

Another company that do most of their sales online also saw a 200% percent increase in sex toy sales this April compared to last year.

Another reports roughly three times higher adult novelty online sales this March than they were last year.

During the height of stay-at-home orders, Amazon sex toy sales rose in spite of their “nonessential” product categorization.

Coronavirus guidelines issued by the New York City Department of Health indicates “you are your safest sex partner.” You know where you’ve been and know the truth when you tell yourself that you’ve had more or fewer sexual partners than you’ve really had.

As time passes, “giving yourself a hand” in the same way again and again may get dull and monotonous. Perhaps, something to spice things up for yourself might help.

Here are some of our favorites:


Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal - Its patented Real Feel SuperSkin material is soft, pliable, and warms to the touch. It’s easy to use and clean. Dimensions: 10" x 3.8" x 3.8". $84.95

FFix Wand

FemmeFunn FFix Wand Massager - This quiet, lightweight battery-powered internal and external stimulator vibe has a single easy to use button on the base to choose from one of 10 settings. It is small but mighty. This toy is hypoallergenic, body-safe and fully water-submersible. Dimensions: 4.9" x .8" to 1.1", .7" (shaft), 1.125" (base). $49.95


If FaceTiming with a partner, this could help:

We Vibe

We Vibe Sync Adjustable Couples Vibrator - Its 10 vibration modes can be controlled with a remote (included) or the We-Connect app. It is waterproof, body-safe, rechargeable, and fully adjustable to fit in any position. Dimensions 2.9" x 1.64" x 4.38". $258.95


Happy couple in bed

Final Thought

A study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine provides new insights into the relationship between masturbation and sexual outcomes in women. The research suggests that increasing alignment between masturbation and partnered sexual activities could result in improved orgasmic response and lower orgasmic difficulty.

Researchers found that the greater the overlap between masturbatory activities and partnered sex activities, the more likely women were to overcome orgasmic difficulty, to experience orgasm, and to experience greater orgasmic pleasure.

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