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Vacuum Pumps


Bite the Fruit recommends vacuum pumps that are "trigger type," hand-operated, light weight, heavy duty, and equipped with a pressure release valve.


What is Vacuum Pumping?


Among other things, vacuum pumping can be employed for penis enlargement. Medically, the process is referred to as hyperemiation. Two-thirds of penis tissue is composed of corpus cavernosum which can be expanded due its lacunar spaces.


The process involves inserting the penis in a cylinder. A hand pump is used to remove air from the cylinder. The suction produced causes the penis to expand.

This method is a relatively safe and effective process for penis enlargement. Vacuum pumping is also used to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence, premature ejaculation, and as a stimulant for body building and sex drive. It can be used as a masturbation tool.


What Do You Need?


An effective penis enlargement program requires two airtight cylinders which fit comfortably over the penis.


The first cylinder is placed around the penis. When pumped, blood rushes into the penis causing it to expand. As in body-building, subjecting penile tissue to regular pumping causes it to rebuild itself as larger and stronger.


The second larger cylinder is placed over the penis and scrotum. The purpose of this cylinder is to help develop and stretch the suspensory ligament which holds about 2-4 inches of your penis within your body cavity.


Vacuum Pumps


Selecting Cylinders


Bite the Fruit offers industrial strength crystal clear acrylic cock pumps. They differ only in design due to the natural anatomy of the penis. Select cylinders that approximates the shape of your penis: tapered top or uniform top. The base of the cylinders are flared for comfort, gaskets are not required. Each cylinder is equipped with an air valve which allows for quick and easy disconnection from the pump while maintaining pressure within the cylinder.


Select a pair of cylinders depending on what you wish to achieve: a larger penis girth or a longer penis length. For this reason, determine the following measurements as accurately as possible before selecting cylinders:


Penis length - measure in inches from the base of the penis shaft (top) to the tip of the head when fully erect.


Penis circumference - measure at the greatest circumference when fully erect. Use a tape measure for accuracy. In the absence of a tape measure, wrap a piece of string around the erect penis and mark where the two ends overlap. Measure this length against a ruler.


Scrotum size - is evaluated subjectively in relationship to your flaccid penis.


Correct measurement of the penis will ensure the selection of the right cylinder sizes for comfort and to produce the desired results.

If you wish to lengthen your penis, select a longer cylinder but one that is not too much larger than your own penis in diameter. A longer cylinder will allow your penis to get more of a pull in length during pumping.


Some expansion in width will also occur during pumping, therefore, do not select a cylinder diameter that is too small or exactly the same size as your penis girth.

To increase your penis girth, select a cylinder with a diameter relatively larger than your existing girth.




Results achieved vary greatly from individual to individual. Men have reported an increase of two or more inches in penis length and two inches or more in girth. Men have also reported stronger and longer lasting erections. Vacuum pumping also develops your scrotum, and makes your penis hang much larger and longer in the flaccid state.

  •  Lengthen and thicken the penis
  •  Increase the size of the penis in its flaccid state
  •  Enhance sexual drive
  •  Longer lasting and stronger erections
  •  Decrease premature ejaculations
  • I ntensify ejaculation and orgasms

Results may be temporary or permanent depending on the following factors:

  •  Length of the pumping sessions
  •  Frequency of sessions
  •  Size achieved while in the cylinder

The penis has a tendency to stay quite engorged or large for at least several hours after pumping. Continuous use of the vacuum pump over a long period can make these increases permanent. Continuous pumping of circumcised penis may produce new foreskin over the head.


  •  During pumping, do not apply too much pressure to the penis. Extreme or excessive pressure can cause bruising or discoloration of the penis, water blisters and minor bleeding. Minor injuries such as these should disappear after a few days.
  •  The area immediately behind the head of a circumcised penis may enlarge faster than other penis tissue creating a "donut" effect. The deforminity should be temporary. Be careful to pump to achieve a uniform expansion and lengthening of the penis.
  •  Go slow and increase the vacuum gradually over a longer period of time, so that the change in size is not traumatic and does not cause damage to the penis.
  •  Do not push to the point of pain. If you feel pain, release some pressure immediately. Pump to the highest vacuum level you can comfortably obtain.
  •  To get a good cylinder-body seal, shave the base of the penis and testicles back about an inch or more. If you cut yourself during shaving then do not apply the pump immediately, as bleeding can be aggravated. Wait until the next day.
  •  Do not pump in the shower or bathtub as it can damage your pump’s air valves thus weakening its suction capability.

Vacuum Pumps


Useful Hints

  •  Apply lubricant to the inside of the cylinder to facilitate the pumping process. Water or oil-based lube will work.
  •  To obtain best results from pumping, you need to go for longer periods of time, an hour or more. Your increases will be larger. As your penis gets larger, increase pressure BUT only to the point where you are still comfortable and not in pain.
  •  Pumping when your body is warm facilitates the enlargement of the penis. Do not pump in the shower.
  •  Although, unnecessary, some men find it particularly stimulating to apply the pump while fully erect.

Other Uses of Vacuum Pumps

  •  Nipples: Cylinders for nipple enlargement come in pairs. The airlock release valve at the end of each cylinder connects directly to the pump. A dual ‘T’ connector is recommended to enlarge both nipples evenly and simultaneously.
  •  Foreskin: New foreskin on circumcised penis may be achieved by using the special design cone shaped cylinder, with an acrylic ball in the opening, which lengthens and strengthens existing foreskin.
  •  Penis head
  •  Anus
  •  Clitoris

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