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Moisture & Dryness


Avoid exposing leather garments to extreme moisture or dryness. Moisture can loosen and weaken leather fibers and promote mold. Dryness can cause cracking. We recommend using a good leather conditioner to revitalize and protect the look and feel of your leather garments when the leather's natural oils diminish due to wear and time.




To keep leather garments from aging due to excess dryness or exposure to moisture make sure leather garments are stored in a well-ventilated area. Exposure to sunlight for a long period of time can dry out the leather and cause the color to fade. We recommend hanging all items on padded wooden hangers to minimize wrinkles. Do not store in hot places.




New leather garments come with its natural protection and conditioner. It is not necessary to use a conditioner the first year depending on how often you use the item and how well you take care of it. A great way to clean leather is to use a warm damp cloth just enough to clean the surface. It is important to immediately clean spillage to prevent stains from settling. This is the best and most conventional way to clean the leather yourself. It's cost effective and the leather will keep its original luster. If oil or ink stains seep and settle into the leather, then the stain will be permanent.




Leathers garments have various finishes and may have undergone different tanning methods. There are also many conditioners, sprays, and oils available that it is important to first test out the conditioner on the inside or corner of the garment as it may not produce the result you are looking for. When buying any sprays or conditioners be sure that you have the right product for what you want to accomplish. Understand that a conditioner can also be a water repellent but most don't protect against water damage. Always follow directions and apply conditioner throughout the garment for a consistent shine. How often you have to waterproof and condition depends on the amount of exposure your items have to the elements. How much the article is absorbing the conditioner will determine how often you need to condition it. Once a year is standard, but constant wear can be more strenuous on leather and can mean more applications. Keep in mind that over-conditioning an item can make it oily.


Leather Care - Mink Oil


Mink Oil


Black leather along with very dark colors can be rejuvenated with mink oil. Mink oil will darken the hide, adding color, as well as waterproof and condition. Apply mink oil evenly to ensure a consistent finish. Mink oil is available in a bottle or as a spray.




Hang leather garments on a padded wooden hanger in a well-ventilated area to air out unwanted smells. Leather items have a strong natural scent that will last awhile. Conditioning can retain its natural smell. Keep in mind that leather easily absorbs strong odors such as cigar and cigarette smoke and engine exhaust.


Professional Cleaning


If treated carefully and lotion is applied regularly most leather garments do not need to be professionally cleaned. Leather develops characteristics with aging that many consider beautiful. Over time, you will appreciate how well it breaks in and molds to your body. Items that are still dirty after conditioning may need to be professionally cleaned. However, dry cleaning chemicals can cause fading, shrinkage and loss of luster. Dry cleaning is recommended as a final option.

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