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What is a cock ring?


A cock ring (or cockring) is a cock toy used to increase sensitivity both before and during orgasm. It can help make your penis larger and harder. It allows you to maintain an erection even after an orgasm.


How does a cock ring work?


Positioned at the base of the penis or behind the scrotum, a cock ring slows the blood in your erect penis from returning to your body. It is meant to restrict blood flow to keep your penis engorged. It is NOT intended to cut off blood flow altogether. If you experience any pain while wearing a cock ring, you should remove it immediately.




Most men lose their erection after having an orgasm. Wearing a cock ring keeps your penis rigid enough to keep going to satisfy your partner until they reach orgasm.


Leather Cockstrap with Metal Ring

A cock ring can be worn at the base of the penis.


Cock ring worn on the base of the penis


Or, a cock ring can be worn behind the scrotum. Either at the base of the penis or behind the scrotum, a cock ring should fit snugly and comfortably.


Cock ring worn around the scrotum


To measure for a cock ring, use a pliable tailor's measuring tape that easily wraps around the penis.


Tape measure


Alternately, you can also use a string.StringWhile the penis is erect, encircle the base of the penis with the measuring tape (or string) to get the circumference.Measuring at the base of the penis

Or, wrap the measuring tape (or string) behind the scrotum. Ensure the tape is as close as possible to your body to get an accurate circumference.Measuring around the scrotum

If using a string, lay it along side a ruler to get the circumference.Use a string to get the circumference


Divide the circumference by 3.14 to get the cock ring size or diameter. The outside diameter of a cock ring may vary depending on the thickness of the material. Most manufacturers use the inside diameter of a cock ring to designate its size.


Circumference Ring Size | Inside Diameter
5 1/2" 1 3/4"
5 7/8" 1 7/8"
6 1/3" 2"
6 2/3"  2 1/8"


How do I wear a cock ring?


To wear a cock ring, especially a metal or rigid rubber ring, you should put it on when you are not fully erect. Slide the ring to the base of the penis. Or, to wear it behind the scrotum, slide it to the base of the penis and pull your balls through the ring. You may have to insert each ball separately.


The ring should not be too tight that it cuts off all blood flow or be uncomfortable. A cock ring should feel snug but not painful. If you are experiencing pain, remove the cock ring immediately. It is probably the incorrect size.


Metal Cockring


If you are not certain about the correct size, we recommend that you wear a leather cock strap. Our leather cock straps are adjustable with three or five snap-type buttons that allow you to easily adjust the fit. They are easier to put on and easier to take off.


We also offer silicone rings in various colors and configurations. They are extremely stretchy and can accommodate most sizes.


If you have never worn a cock ring, we suggest that you begin with an adjustable leather cock strap or stretchy silicone cock ring.


To wear a leather cock strap, simply wrap the length of it around the base of the penis or behind the scrotum. Snap it in place so it feels snug and still comfortable.


Leather cock strap with snaps


Cock rings and cocktoys are not returnable or exchangeable. Do not purchase the more pricey metal rings until you are certain of the correct size.


Some cock rings offer a combination of cock strap and metal ring. The strap is worn behind the scrotum while the metal ring sits on the base of the penis.


Leather Cockstrap with Metal Ring


Silicone cock rings are typically soft, pliable and stretchy. They may be more comfortable than metal rings especially for beginners. They are just as effective in maintaining a rigid erection as a metal ring. We carry many different styles and colors of silicone rings.


Silicone Cockring


Wearing a cock ring can make your "package" appear larger. It pushes your cock and balls up to form a nice bulge underneath jeans, shorts and swimwear. Underwear models don a cock ring for a fuller pouch especially when modeling a bikini, jock or thong.

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