Fleshlight Renewing Powder 4oz
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Fleshlight Renewing Powder 4oz

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Fleshlight Renewing Powder 4oz - Renews and restores Fleshlight  sleeves to their original softness when applied each use. Nothing  compares to the lifelike feeling of the Patented Fleshlight Super Skin  material. Over time, the sleeve may start to lose some of its softness.  This is due to its powder naturally being worn away after multiple uses.  Keep your Fleshlight feeling like the first time.

Directions: Remove Fleshlight sleeve from case. Gently rinse inside and  out with warm water. Spray on Fleshwash Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner. Air  dry. Generously distribute enough Fleshlight Renewing Powder onto sleeve  until it is completely coated with a thin layer. Replace sleeve into  casing.  

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