Better BJ Kit
Better BJ Kit
Better BJ Kit
Better BJ Kit

Better BJ Kit

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Better BJ Kit - For the ultimate oral sex. Any man you ask will tell you there’s no such thing as a bad blow job. True, but with these must-have oral sex essentials and expert tips and tricks, you can blow like the pros! Vinyl, Plastic. Bib: 11" x 10.75". Knee Cushion: 18" x 16.5".

This kit includes:

- Strawberry-flavored oral sex lotion that tastes great for you and feels great for him

- Spearmint-flavored numbing spray that numbs your mouth and throat to make deep throating easier

- Fizzy popping blowjob candy that adds exciting sensations and comes in three flavors (cherry, strawberry, and green apple)

- An inflatable knee cushion so you won’t bruise your knees kneeling on the floor

- A bib that says “Target Practice” that he can aim at to reduce the messy clean-up

- Pipedreams' a double-sided oral sex “How To” guide full of tips and tricks

Armed with such an extensive arsenal of oral aids, next time you face the super villain Deep Throat in battle, you better believe it’s going down.

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