Curbside Pickup Daily 1pm-7pm

Curbside Pickup

How does curbside pickup work?

Place an order through our website. Select Curbside Pickup. Daily curbside pickup is from 1pm to 7pm. Allow two hours for processing.

Call 202-299-0440 (do not email) when you've reached the front of the store. We'll bring your items to you. If you are on foot, we'll set your package on the curb to maintain contactless delivery. If you drove, pop your trunk, we'll stow your purchases for you.


RELEASE SIGNATURE AND PICTURE ID: For a purchase of $200.00 or more, we ask that you sign our copy of your receipt and provide proof of identity (i.e., driver's license or government issued ID).  

Helpful Hints
Provide a phone number in case we need to call you. Indicate your desired pickup time using the 
Add a note to your orderSpecial instructions for seller section.